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I.P. Singh, P.G. is the founder and President of MIG. Mr. Singh is a Civil Engineer with more than 18 years experience in financial and project management, marketing, hazardous waste investigations and industrial hygiene surveys. He manages DPT and drilling services for MIG. Mr. Singh is also responsible for the overall management of MIG including setting policy for the firm, providing quality assurance /quality control for reports and is responsible for the health and safety of MIG employees.

Newton Rose, Ph.D. Mr. Rose, an Environmental Scientist with more than 35 years of experience, is MIG Corporate Health and Safety Officer. Formerly, he served in a similar position with Resource Applications, Inc. (RAI) of Burke, VA. His duties included preparation and updating of RAI’s Health and Safety Plan; preparation of site-specific Health and Safety Plans; and review of such plans prepared by other staff. At MIG, Mr. Rose is responsible for maintaining and updating MIG’s Health and Safety Plan.

John Sweetman. Mr. Sweetman has more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry, industrial hygiene, and the environmental field. At MIG he is a Direct Push Technology (DPT) operator working from MIG’s Wilmington, DE office. In addition, Mr. Sweetman, an expert mechanic, maintains and repairs MIG’s drilling equipment and truck and vehicles. He also performs lead-based paint inspections and assessments for single family and multi-family housing.

Amandeep Sodhi. Mr. Sodhi is Mechanical Engineer working from Wilmington, DE. His recent experience includes DPT services for Targeted Brownfield Assessments in New York and New Jersey; Monitoring Installation, Ft. Meade, MD; Monitoring Well Re-establishment, Paradise Creek Landfill, Portsmouth, VA; and Direct Push Sampling Services, BoRit Asbestos Superfund Site, Ambler, PA. Additionally, he performs lead risk inspections and assessments for single family and multi-family buildings.

John Maire. Mr. Maire has a B.S. in geology and more than 15 years of experience. He worked for a number of reputable firms before coming to MIG Consulting. His current work concentrates on environmental investigations and site remediation, including: supervision of field investigation, soil and groundwater monitoring and sampling using standard industry and regulatory techniques, tools and methods, and writing reports of investigations using text, tables and graphs to summarize field data and laboratory results.

Charles Maroni P.G. Mr. Maroni is highly experienced in field investigations, construction management, computer aided design and report writing. He holds a B.A in geology and an M.S, degree in earth sciences. His work at MIG consulting is similar to that of Mr. Maire's.

Sharath Pillai and Moumita Chatterjee are environmental scientists working from MIG’s Highland Park office. Mr. Pillai holds a M.S. in Environmental Science and Mrs. Chatterjee has a M.S. in Environmental Engineering. Their duties include field work, health and safety management, media sampling, review of analytical data, report writing and quality control.

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